Yoichi Takahashi

Television /Film Score (In charge of music for the program on a major TV station)

I did music work for the major TV station such as NHK, NTV, TBS, CXTV, NET, TV-Tokyo since I was teen-agers.
I am not a general Japanese musician. It is also basically different in an artistic point of view.
A general Japanese professional musician thinks that there is not enough studying music. It is clear fact that there are many composers that cannot do good arrangement. Indeed I was lucky to be able to work for the program on the major television from my youth.
Most Major TV-Drama of NHK, Major Traditional TV-Drama(Channel 12), NHK-FM-Radio-Cinema, MD-Animation,
Animation & Magazine"Lackey", TheaterMovie"BIJO NO HARAWATA", Movie "GAME KING",

For example, I was in charge of music of the suspense drama of Nippon Television Station regularly, and the most famous drama of NHK for a decade. Occasionally my music has not been accepted. Because I cannot understand the system of Japanese production company even if I can use the various technique freely. But my policy is not changed so far - I don't intend to change my policy in the future either.
There were some people who sympathized me, my music occasionally, and in such case a program was made to be wonderful.
Indeed, that's why, I was in charge of music for the program regularly for a decade.
I carried out a lot of good work which is not shown on this page, but on the Japanese version, and it is very disappointed that I cannot explain all of that here. Anyway, there exists the difference between Japan and America which is so called Japanese pop music. Still there are some places in the United States to understand my music fortunately.

Commercial Message of Music

I am the short thing that there is not such a music for 15 seconds or 30 seconds, but I am interested very much and like it. Because you must express it why in the short time, professional consciousness goes.
In addition, I think that Japanese commercial is the highest standard in the world.

I composed it in various ways, but won long run prize with a thing of certain glasses company. Television is a 30 frames for a recent Japanese composer thinks that there are many people of an amateur, and there is much that then Most production usesing film, and Creation being a 24 frames for one second.
It is shame that there is the composer who does not know even it.

VTR/FILM/RECORD/CD and so forth etc...
Animation and VTR, Other Animation-comic(Colombia),Japanese Traditional Movie,
It released it by a name of oneself a lot and there was not it, but did innumberable works on composition and arrangement. Of course there is many it and composes it, and there is not so a movie on soundtrack so that one of a drama of television is popular in Japan. On the other hand, on a video work, I composed things of a thing documentary of education in various ways.

Of course performance activity at a stage went, too and costared with a foreign musician in addition to Japan. It may be unexpected, but does writing of a book at the same time to be a musician.
Because I am producing an album to release soon in the U.S.A., please look forward to it.