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Yoichi Takahashi

I write an opinion of my subjectivity beneath and increase, but am good about the thing. But I discuss the rights and wrongs of that you oneself wants to particularly say recently and look forward to it.

Are Japan and the United States really allies?
  • There is a doubt in diplomacy to Japan of U.S. Government after it enters the 21st century. I am a university graduate in the United States, it must be pro-american person. However, the refusal of entering a country was done two times in the LAX international airport in 2007 2004. It doesn't do though it is also unknown, and teach. It cannot be at all called a law-abiding country. The costly thing was seized, and lynching was done in 2004.
  • It was not in 2007 only by lynching. It blindfolded, it was taken to the hospital by force, and the cancer cause medicine called AFLATOXIN it injected to my vein so much. That's why I have the Carcinoma of the colon and rectum ( So bad cancer ) This medicine is usually administered only to the animal in pathology. Who believes the country where administrative authorities of Homeland Security Department in the LAX international airport do such a murderous behavior? That is, it is thought only that LAPD killed the matter of the other day's Mr.Kazuyoshi Miura naturally. That I think that there is very a problem also in the diplomacy of such Japan that
    cannot despotically prosecute anything. I wish I could many people think about this kind of terrible cases.
  • At first I am going to terminate in a problem of terrorism already first and, however, a problem thinks from now on, but I feel it how and do increase?
  • I want to criticize respect in a courageous action of various places of a member of fire department and a policeman at the same time at first to show will of condolence for a victim in New York.
  • However, it is for the U.S.A. to have become a target of a terrorist why that then think in doubt from Japanese like me a little.
    While I went to the U.S.A. to study, I was considered to be it, and originally the U.S.A. became independent from the eastern part, and it was considerably a university of the eastern part by racial discrimination.
    I was studying abroad in case of festival for U.S.A. founding of a country 200 years of 1976, and both sides do that originally a settler of Britain is more brutal by the most old days.
    Jews increase now, and the U.S.A. gives a weapon to Israel, and will not it be fact that fetched cold-blooded manner for a principle of anti-U.S.A. person?
    I think that it is originally a pro-American house, and, however, it is absolutely no and an opinion to say for the brutal attack that it cannot understand whether it is a retaliation whether it is war of this time.
    It is what an uneducated person does that is opposed by military power for terrorism and violence why, and it is a superpower of world number one, and it is very disappointing that the U.S.A. which is a developed nation culturally asked such an action.
    Will not you grieve over JFK of late former president now in heaven?
  • It is for what time to think, but, as for the Japanese present situation, there seems to be considerably a gap with the image that Europe and America thinks of.
    Japanese seems to consider what time to eat sushi and sukiyaki when I put up an example.
    A house and clothes are images of the Edo era, too, and most Americans seem to think so.
    Anyway I can understand because a thing with many people thinking that Republic of Korea and Japan are the same home is fact.
  • It is my personal experience, but correspondence of staying in Japan U.S.A. embassy is terrible, and just like, it does not seem to be an ally, and I think.
    I am very regrettable in the manner that I want to have an opinion if people of the related members had you read this and think, and just like, seem to be an insect with a thing of Japanese.
  • Though I am not concerned so that there is a handy cap of a word while I go to Boston to study either, and it was Grade-A almost, I think that an American is most in various places negligent races.
    As for the time of 1970's, a riot happened by racial discrimination by a school bus for a black.
    Why will oneself be for people of a white man with many uneducated people not to be generous yet to such a thing?
    I point at the name and then cannot say, but I do a thing of several hundred times, and does not king clergyman accomplish it than an achievement of the conventional president either?


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In private, I am a composer, but I love any sports too. When this picture was taken it was just before the Independence Memorial Day of U.S.A.. In the next day, I went to Phynix of Arizona. The Diamond Bucks from Phynix of Arizona is now famous baseball team, which won the World Series of MLB that nobody had expected at that time. Nobody cannot expect anything what would be happened in the future of his life. That is why the life is very interesting thing.


04/20/2002 New Hampshire Female
I agree with Dr. Takahashi's opinion that Japan is not governed by its law.
Because I know some policemen who let the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia)'s illegal
behavour pass. There is not surely evidence, but I cannot help thinking
that there is some deal behind, Yakuza has pays some money to our policemen
or something else. A little while ago there was the incident happened
between the person in the Casino in Akasaka and the policemen, and it was
appeared in the public. But I think it is only the tip of the iceberg. Dr.
Takahashi has a strong sense of the justice. I am one of them who hopes him
to let us know more and more about those matters.

04/12/2002 Male
There is one matter to urgue often between my wife and me recently. We have
two kids. Why there are so many schools kids are going after school, and it
is no doubt for every kids to go to? When I was a kid I used to do some
sports, and I did not study so hard like the kids nowadays. But, it was OK.
What is the real school for now? I think the Ministry of Education does not
do anything about kids' education seriously. What do you think?

I envy the person like Mr. Takahashi. Because he can speak out whatever he
wants to say. I also want to speak out many, many things, but I ashamed to
say that I don't have any job right now, and it is too embarassing to say
whatever I want to say in this situation. I think that the young people in
Japan are not right recently, many people don't have any matured idea about
the music culture that Mr. Takahashi belongs to and especially there is
something wrong with the education in Japan. Do you think I am the only one
to think like this?

I have been very disappointed with the Foreign Ministry in Japan. I feel
very much sympathized with Ms. Makiko Tanaka. This is very common thing in
the world. By the time when the candidates are elected finally they have
been trying to annonce what they can do, what they want to change and so on.
But, once they are elected they forgot what they promised to people what to
do and they are influenced by the bad habit in the politician's world.

First of all, I appreciate your prompt reply. Actually I did not expect to
get your reply. I have been irritated and uncomfortable with the vulgar
reportings from the mass-media in Japan. Generally the people watching the
news like me has just believed almost everything to see and to hear from the
TV News Program indeed. But, actually it is incrediable and should not be
forgiven that such an ashamed matter was happened inside of the NHK such as
a very trustworthy national broadcasing service. It is the fact that the
most responsible person of NHK had the close relationship between politician
and business circles and also some bribe thing was going on inside. And
this fact made us to think the reporting by NHK must have been wrong. A
friend of mine was also astonished. I watched the morning drama whose music
was composed by you everyday, but it is very hard to believe those things
had been happened at the same time. And I cannot forgive our government
that have overlooked those incidents. I now decided to stop paying the fee
for NHK anymore. NHK has treated us lightly. We often discuss this matter
nowadays. Dr. Takahashi, please keep your head up and continue your music
activities and make more wonderful music. And if you are going to hold your
concert in our area I definitely want to join your concert. As one teacher
at school I am going to try to teach what is happening in the mass media
world in Japan. Only I can do is helping your justice indirectly like this.
But, I am very glad to do that. We are always watching you. God bless you!