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When I watched the program called "Detention by Legal Force" on NHK-BS (National Broadcasting System) as of the middle of September, 2002 I was shocked very much to find out so many domestic problems in America now. This is the program mainly about the Islamic illegal immigrants in Brooklyn, New York, but as matter of the fact, there are so many people to feel angry about the way of the Government to deal with them even though they illegally stay there. That is why the demonstration by Islamic residents there has been shawn continuously, and the demonstration and the racial liberation movement by the general people of Irish, Jewish, German and many other races including the students have been shown. It is not clear whether the government and the immigration office people under the government understands this situation or not. Before September 11, 2001 the number of Islamic people was forced to go back home was one digit number, but after that incident the number of that people was increased to be thousands. In this background there is maybe too much fear of the general people, of course, but now American way to deal with it has changed its image which is so far away from the country of peace and freedom. For example, 17 years ago there was a couple who came from Pakistan and stayed in America illegally and this couple got their child. The husband were not highly educated, so he worked so hard with D-VISA and he sent some of his income to his family at home. Then, his mother at home asked him to send some his pictures to see how he was well. He wanted to be taken pictures and asked one guy near the water pool and was taken pictures, then he went back to work he was arrested by the policeman who was waiting for him there. And he resulted to be forced to send to the prison somewhere he did not recognize. It is said that there are about 70 million illegal immigrants indeed, but there is the fact that this things has been tacitly approved
because they can do any job that the Yap pies does not like. Now America has been doing the totally opposite things which its constitution suggests. What is wrong with America now? I also concern myself with this matter, so I feel very sorry to see this matter and very afraid of it.

Why will the United States take Israel side?
The world is common, and weight of life should need to never say that life of Palestine person is light.
Of course I can understand an action of President Bush if I think about a vote final performance in the  United States of America which a Jew occupies it a lot, and shine. Case of New York is similar, too, and terrorism is an atrocious thing. However, it is a too ridiculous thought that consider to be good in order to exterminate it if I do retaliation attack.

The United States which it is called the world police, and shine is troubled with such a thing. In addition, Japan becomes a yes-man of the United States, too, and there is not a thing of despite a developed nation. It is me thinking that I certainly grieve if JFK knew it.


You should praise courageous people reached as human shield to a thing and the time of the Assert Arafat chairperson whom it is confined, and shine. Myself love that it is similar that it is possible.
Thus the United States orders Israeli attack? I think that a thing of child is pacifism than an adult when I take warning by it in an infant of Palestine hatred for an Israeli, and shining.

A theme of this time will want to tell the same time frequent occurrence terrorism case that did that miserable, including New York city which was brutal as well mainly. At first I think that there are many people having various opinions because this is a feeling of my subjectivity.

It will be fact that it has been to a target of each mass media in a global because it was to have shown a dead person more than 5000 at a time by terrorism of this time. However, I consider such a thing whether I must not take that it is not to have begun in now into consideration.

Originally, as for the terrorism case, the cases that an American embassy in the countries in the Middle East blows up Oklahoma in the first on the list occur recently in each place if I include a small thing.
And when I break out by all means if I still feel fear of it, and that Israel and a state becoming stiff with Palestine continue. I thought that it was certain that repetition of the thing that an American destroyer met with suicidal explosion terrorism afterwards occurred in the evidence. A case of this time happened in the fact sequel, but what the major power where an information organization develops why like that America was not able to foresee suffer from understanding very much.

This thing filters where that is never other people's affairs as America and Japan and the person whom the coming and going comes to all the time like me, and American, most of a friend live. Of course it is natural that terrorism is bad, but then why will America be intended for? The doubt that said と springs out. How are all of you thought of?

It is I oneself, a basically pro-American house and increases. The reason is because it is not thought in a respect of university studying abroad and music without America either in fact, and a lot of friends are.
It is the real condition that a three big network broadcasts this case from the start including an American PBS in the I country as every day. The Diet becomes complicated with new laws for terrorism of the ninth article constitution in I country and increases, but will not it be important that honesty says, and I oneself says whether it has been generated that more at first than such a thing it is not now why at the time?

I seem to bathe criticism that I "say a stupid thing with anything" when I write such a thing, but a word to speak to various places of a victim is not found if I describe it in my small brain daringly. However, it is a word that an American or the related company have been intended for and it is loss with a respect of diplomacy in the American countries in the Middle East and guesses it even if it says with negligence whether it is not with the thing which is not exaggeration.

America offered a weapon to Afghanistan side in case of Afghan invasion of the Soviet Union which broke out in the evidence for 1885 years.

If it was Afghanistan side, I am not concerned either and am contrary currently formerly. I can understand that there is a just cause as a base of a terrorist.

However, say that there is an example terrorist and cannot understand what take a military action in one while will send supplies of food to border neighborhood with Pakistan. 

A viewpoint of Japanese government seems to be case of the Gulf War will be not to want to disgrace itself.

In addition, I grind sesame in the Arab various countries around the U.S.A., and the Japanese diplomacy that is not exaggeration is the present situation, though.

How do all of you think whether it will be only me that feel very funnily?


After all, even if the United Nations inspection group still visits very variously even if the Iraq attack of the United States where the sign of drawing on exists is opposed, and Iraq also submits it to a lot of reports, I guess that it is desperate that the attack is done by the United States initiation. The reason for even the Middle East policy theory of the current parent and child of Bush is that it is thought it is definite in these things. It is because the preparation for the attack is assumed to be everything already it doesn't listen to what the thing etc. of President Hussein who allows inspecting mean at all by that token. When actually reported, the repetition of the maneuver of the newly developed attack machine machine has been opened to the public to media in the United States base of Cat. Really, will it be the one very that does such an attack in the United States while even a young child is confronting So?On the other hand, it is said that coalition government "Green Party" etc. of Germany do not use the mastery of the air of Germany when the United States attacks Iraq disregarding the U.N. Resolution. For what direction does Bush administration that exercises head though such a carefulness theory comes out in the ally?And, economy in the United States keeps deteriorating even in case of not being. The unemployment rate has already become as much as 6%, too and is it the evil or it actually becomes a fall of the general stock next to the fall of NASDAQ, it is becoming appreciation of the yen from depreciation of the yen, and the thing seems to exist the influence considerably in the export of Japan. McDonald's Co., Japan is changing only that though it had as a popular rise for a certain period of time, and Uniqlo etc. are also similar though it doesn't relate because I am in the stock etc. the edge and either am a body without the bought capitals either. On earth, it is a fact for an economic person to come not to be able to understand, and not to understand what each diagnosis of the economy company etc. may mean, too whether an economic crisis is got over when making it like any.

News has jumped into it from the United States before dawn today. It is a bankruptcy of that United Airlines company. It is a thing of acceptances and guarantees' from the country being refused, and having applied the Bankruptcy Law Article 11 at last. Of course, it was never surprised to say the bankruptcy of this big enterprise by the debt of several trillion yen though it knew getting depressed of the problem of simultaneous in recent terrorism was similarly done as for American Airlines etc.Originally, it was terrorism to an American airline from 80's when going to the United States and it made it to the thing that an absolutely American airline is not used. Therefore, it not only was surprised but also was the thing one of the factors, and Mr. snow of the chairman of the railway company ..new.. was left secretary of the treasury O'Neill's being changed and newly falling into the bankruptcy surely though it was eternal to use usual Singapore Airlines.

It was seen to say, "Compulsion accommodation" by the documentary program broadcast by NHK-BS in the middle of September 2002, and was astonished at various internal affairs in the present United States. The illegal residence, and it is possible to say, and it is true in the way of the government of the remainder that the one got indignant is very much a lot of though this is the one having been produced mainly for an Islamic illegal immigrant who lives in Brooklyn in New York. The person of Immigration and Naturalization Servic of the government and the be under immediate control subsidiary is comes out one after another from a local Islamic resident by that token the demonstration, and understands or poco a doubt in front of the White House general including the student. the liberating movement and the demonstration the people of the race who becomes it Irish Juish Germanic and otherss many kindsThe one that was one digit rises to several thousand people very much in the deportation of an Islamic immigrant etc. as for it since that terrorism in year 9.11 ahead. It changes to the background actually ..completely far apart.. when saying the country of peace and freedom in the United States to the doing mouth though it might be from fear to excessive of the of course general population. Even when the husband works hard with D-pizza and sent a remittance to the home country because the child also receives, and there is no academic background, the married couple who unlawfully stayed : from Pakistan as an example 17 years ago. The policeman waited as soon as having returned to the office after it asked when it wanted the person of lying to try to send the photograph by the thing of wanting you to show an energetic appearance from mother in the country and to take the photograph on the side of the nearby place of storing water and taking a picture was finished, it existed, and it was arrested, and it enumerated and the compulsion accommodation was done by the prison that did not Hakkiri it in the phrase. Originally, having been conniving because it is the one to do the work that the Yuppie family dislikes by the selfish one is true though it is said that there are about 70 million illegal immigrants in the United States. How on earth does the United States now at the time of do the thing like upsetting the constitution in the country become it, and? because I am not a quite unrelated thing, it thinks, and having misgivings is real intention yet very regrettably.

Temporarily accessing my site became impossible and the trouble was multiplied. However, please relieve because it is not a problem of the virus.

Ahead..various..talk..have..east..problem..country..financial problem..a lot..accumulate..musician..say..standpoint..provide..too..force..United States..Middle East..including..especially..recently..Iraq..the..super power..pushy..diplomacy..news..see..every time..the..victim..become..child..woman..general..person..thing..think..provide..character..forward..thing..say..recently.What opinion does everybody have?

It ..To of day.. suddenly put it away. There is an expedition such as London, too and I am very sorry. Please forgive here because there is quite a lot of time that has concentrated on music and forgive the multiplication of the trouble by everybody for my own negligence.

Do not do again the other day to the surprise to see Nuzwac. Say..impression..United Nations..Middle East..Israel..Palace..Tina..problem..President Bush..a lot..country..opposite..face out..put out..conclusion..Chairman Arafat..other than..representative..elect..autonomy..district..reproduce..foolish..thing..super power..president..say..crazy..become..think.Then, I think that it is speech even in case of not being to disregard feelings of the person of Palace Tina who has the antipathy and anger completely though the number of a lot of Israeli settlers has increased from France. I's neither taking nor believing that even the leader elects or there must not be decision right, and the thing that is the foolish one more than the combat of recent North and South Korea is correct how much representative of another country because the large country the Chairman Arafat so and so formerly stops.

Only the United States knows foreign countries as I am basic. I think that I would like you to make it say by my experience though the education power might be also a little. First of all, a big difference point with Japan is many kinds races (It is a fact that rich people of Juish are ruling most most) in capitalism typical the former, and latter our country might still be inevitable respect closed and privatization, etc. , especially privatization of Public Corporations should. Moreover, isn't does it yet think that it is not a true law-abiding country, and it a trait that there are a lot of false charges, too, even if it is said by that token that the arrest rate of the crime is good worldwide as the American soldier in Okinawa fears the police in Japan?Such a thing lynches needless to say by me in Kanagawa Prefectural Police years of several inadvertently ago and writes the record, and as for the Akasaka police station etc. that are the jurisdiction over my home, the assistant police inspector takes a bribe money from the baccarat gambling place and worth and the act of flagrant are done calmly. These seem to mimic a bad point of the policeman in the United States. A point alone where capitalism is bad doesn't become similarly noticeable of this though the advancement of many of United States enterprises at the same time and holding out as the overseas subsidiary in Japan are excellent. Fact..the other day..own mother..one..unexpected..malignant..have dealings..victim..this bank..United States..send..money..order..check..make..use..one..high priced..commission..pay..careless..follow a procedure..United States..one..send..one..half a year..do..turn out..several thousand..one..useless..money..expend..Sacramento..go..become..state..fall into.Running away is a financial institution concerned and affiliated credit card companies when becoming inconvenient though the mistake might be found anywhere.

This time, I want to talk about simultaneous multiple terrorist acts including that miserable, cruel New York City chiefly.

First of all, because this is my subjective feelings, I think that there are a lot of people who have various opinions. However, I must not fear the criticism from everybody and forgive having to Houdaigen that wants to say. Of course, it wishes that it ask the opinion from everybody at the end.

Because it was a thing such as this terrorism to have lost the life who exceeds 5,000 people at a time, to the object of each mass media might be true worldwide. However, I think it to be no first time that it should put it as for this.. thing the mind. Originally, the more the small-scale one like the American embassy bombing in the Middle East etc. cannot be included with Oklahoma at the top recently, the more the terrorism has been generated. And, if the Gicshaced state of that Israel and Palace Tina continued, I thought that the thing that the repetition is generated was correct though the United States destroyer encountered the suicide bombing without fail though I also had misgivings. The large country's to which the intelligence organization develops like that United States why being not able to foresee it fails to understand very much though this event occurred the fact afterwards.

As for this thing, many of friends live in the United States as a person who always comes and goes and is coming with the United States and Japan like me far from no others thing it. Why is only the United States targeted then though the terrorism is decided to a bad thing of course?The said doubt springs. How does you seem?
I am a pro-american basically person. However, it is because of no idea without the United States in respect that the university going abroad to study and is musical, and there are a lot of friends, too. It is a fact in three large networks (They might be four large networks in the joining of CNN) including United States PBS to broadcast this event every day to say nothing of our country. The new law etc. of the constitution of Article 9, and the Diet becomes complicated and is . in our country.

To tell the truth, am not I essential saying such a thing's whether it first happening from such a thing this century why?Moreover, it thinks even about the thing of the victim who remains after the retaliatory attack because it is not video games or it is poco a doubt. I think that it is feelings that want to fly to the locale even soon, and the good policy is a chance if I had some authorities to try to think about the starting point of the thing that is not the vote removing battle again.

It dares to be described in my small brains when such a thing is written, seem to invite a storm of criticism "What is said and a foolish thing is said" and the more the word that I say is not made by victims, is the more painful. However, whether it is losing in the Middle East in the United States in diplomatic respect in a single phrase that an American and the related enterprise, etc. have been targeted, and the exaggeration even if it is said it is negligent are guessed. Becoming coming at present backwards of the United States to the Afghan in the Soviet Union that breaks out invasion in 1885 by that token though offer Afghanistan arms, and started in Afghanistan, and may call Ma a until Arab states from an on the other hand military viewpoint though ..comparison terrorist.. ..it is.. sends goods such as food to the remark food and the vicinity of the border with Pakistan ..diplomacy seen too much.. soon and going panicking are very funny.

Recently..Japan..United States..media..peep at..hardly..one..locale..victim..of course..Manhattan..one..similar..Afghanistan..refugee..a lot of..thing..report.However, it be only I that feel the doubt when thinking about the thing that the thing of the life etc. that importantly become it is reported like goods though it is same man?

What does everybody think?The life is not good at the helping thing though I also live by music only by music. And, it is not thought that it becomes it if the mind doesn't stand first most previously. Please I want to receive the opinion of everybody.

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