Yoichi J.Takahashi

Music Clinic for Professional course

GRADE:1-Beginner, 2-Intermediate, 3-Professional, 4-Advanced

I'm sorry it is a place educating a musician of the orthodox school now I am preparing it, and to aim at a professional in this classroom.
I plan to do it by the teacher formation whom, besides, is excellent with me and increase, and therefore time suffers, but it is not a purpose of commerce.
There are many students studying abroad, and I am at the American music university which graduated in 1978, but increase recently only for to be aiming at the musician who passes in the world that, actually, is professional when I hang a large amount of expense and cry.
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Pictures at theaching by TV-Phone(iSightAV)

It is Mr.Takahashi talk with students by computer TV-Phone system at his private room. Actually, his using at least computer system at private room, not working studio.

If you have Macintosh PC and iSightAV, its better to lean and easy for anyone.

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Music Clinic for Kids program

GRADE: 1-Enjoy the Music, 2-Teach to Kid's talent

On a music classroom for a child, I am waiting for the authorization of related ministry and office on education of a general school.
However, I am no good even if an excellent teacher teaches it, and there is a lot of culture if one is not good.
It thinks that it is important that I will learn it that I think while enjoying music how and increases.
Child is stronger, and, as for being different from an adult, sensitivity of music is sensitive.
Therefore I am preparing it currently that I want to do it after planning it enough too much.
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I born in Los Angeles CA. Mr.Yoichi loves me so much, name is MONICA(beegle)