Yoichi J. Takahashi, MD PhD

At the Graduate Commencement in LA. CA.

    Name : Yoichi Takahashi
    Place of Birth : Tokyo, Japan
    Date of Birth : Nov1st1953
    Present address (Japan) : Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 JAPAN
    Present address (U.S.) : Venice, California 90291
    About my own details (possible to search with various search engines)

    A full-long-time-member councilor of the JASRAC
    ( Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers )
    California State License the EMT
    American Heart Association and American Storoke Association
    Premium Professional Member(ACLS licensee)
    Member Numbership Number : 145727994
    Also Member the Quality of Care and Outcomes Research
    Council on Clinical Cardiology, Council on Arteriosclerosis
    Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Atherosclerotic Peripheral Vascular Disease
    Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia
    Cdertificate of the Japanese Language Teacher
    Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education (HMS-CME PGA-Member)
    Japanese Circulation Society Member E-Mail <ytphd-tky@umin.ac.jp>

    Educational background
    March 1965 : Tokyo public Hatomori elementary school graduation
    March 1968 : Tokyo public Gaien junior high school graduation
    March 1972 : Nippon University affiliation Tsurugaoka senior high school(Quit)

    August1976: Graduate from a course of the highest peak of
    Berklee College of Music E-Mail : <ytakahashi1@berklee.net>
    *But Colorado UNV. Music Prof.Moteki had adviced to the not correct my career.

    Major in Professional Music Composition and Arrangement
    I parallel it and learn it from the Jazz which did it including
    "Lydian Conception" to modern music of Classical music with other
    famous science of arts school broadly.
    (This is against the Colorado University's opinion)

    May 1978 : Harvard Medical School (Passed the MCAT at 1976)
    Major in Cardiology PGA
    May 1998 : University of California Los Angeles of Medicine (MD, MO Cardiologist)
    E-Mail : <ytphd@uclalumni.net>

    I began to write composition and do arrangement of music programs for record and television-including, commercial broadcasting giant, NHK in these early days of my career. However, skill and the depth of my compositions were greatly enhanced by the introduction of methods, used by none other than "Sir Duke" Ellington himself. He had a distinct style-which allowed for more intricate uses of harmony; as well as an overall sophistication to his music that made him a "Legend."
    Also, it should be noted, that I was already a "working" musician in the industry by this time. Having played with the likes of "Sade Jones" and "Mel Lewis," my career began to slowly but surely, take a definite shape.
    At the age of 17, I released my first record-issued by EpicSony. This came after being discovered, where then I was pushed as the fresh young talent on the rise-so to speak.
    As this was happening, I was finishing up a tour in the U.S.-Highlights included both the "Ed Sullivan Show" and a performance in Las Vegas. When I arrived back home in Japan, I became the Musical Supervisor to a famous Japanese concert singer.
    It is here that I became a member of a full-scale orchestra. This is also where I first met Katsuhisa Hattori, an acknowledged conductor and master of Composition and Arrangement. I then, become his pupil; studying as much music theory as I can- on my own time as well as in his company.
    As a result of my experiences with live music programming and television production; along with my continued study, I was able to assume an offered position as a "Big Band"conductor-I was 20 years old.
    After a year and a half as a conductor, I left Japan to further my study at Boston's Berklee College of Music. I was not only selected from thousands of applicants, but attended on a full scholarship as well. Having obtained a degree from "Herb Pameloy" in "Jazz Composition"- that only allowed 4 people to take and finish the course-I, with new confidence, acquired other degrees in music theory-primarily modern- from both Julliard and the New England Conservatory.

    Acquired at the UCLA for my research concerning the correlation between music and the heart irregularity known as arrhythmia.
    Still studying the Post Graduation Association DPT of the Harvard Medical School as PGA.
    It is Department of Continuing Education(Actually, taken the over the 22 callasses.
    AHA(American Heart Association)Premium Member.
    Japanese Circulation Association Member

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